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Simply Google the word’ sweepstakes’ and you will find all kinds of ways you can win different forms of stuff … free of charge. There are lots of participates across the two countries … but we centered-in on a certain Central Iowa sweepstaker. And Steve Karlin talked with her for his special report. To help with his wife Shary’s 45- year-old hobby. Shary Callaway is a highly persistent sweepstakes player.

She vies everyday for cash and rewards … online. <“I ENTER ABOUT 25 OR 30 ON MY COMPUTER.”> And through the U-S Postal Service. <“I SUPPOSE I’M MAILING ABOUT 15 A DAY.”> Here’s how it works. Primarily in newspapers and publications .. and nowadays .. on the internet. Shary wishes sending in her introductions. <“I DO SNAIL- MAIL MOSTLY.” Because.. she says … <“THIS IS ALL MY CONTESTS I DO EVERYDAY.”> … the race on the computer is fairly lament. <“I CAN SIT HERE IN MY EASY- CHAIR AND DO THEM ALL DAY…

CHUCKLES.”> Down through the times .. considering her only expenses are newspaper, envelopes and stamps.. Shary has done quite well. She can’t employed a dollar sum on it .. but she has acquired .. cash .. all overhead paid tours .. cruises .. computers.. gobs of knack placards .. lots of free commodities .. and a whole lot more. But she has never acquired a car. Don’t employed it past her. <‘I SURE HAVE A LOT OF FUN WITH IT.”> As long as business continue to promote their commodities through sweepstakes.

<“THEY’RE GOING TO RUN THEM WHETHER YOU WIN THEM OR NOT. SOMEBODY WINS THEM.”> You can expect parties like Shary Callaway of Conrad to keep on playing. <“WELL, I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO… LAUGHS.”> She ponders why more parties don’t do it too. To help… Shary does subscribe to a couple of online sweepstaking newsletters. They inform her about which tournaments are legitimate .. what relevant rules are .. and when and how how often she can penetrate. She experiences they improve her stranges of prevailing. If you are willing to more information about sweepstaking .. here i am different forms of stuff online. One text of forethought. The Iowa Attorney General’s Office does not want anyone to fall for those International Lottery scam. The ones where you are told you have to wire money in order to get your reward. The -AG’s office pronounces … legitimate tournaments never ask you for money.

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